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Gutters are an important part of your home.  Not only do they  give it a finished look, they provide protection for  the foundation, basement, landscaping, driveways, sidewalks and patios.  They also guard against  "splash-back," water that falls from the eaves  and hits the  house during rain or snow melt. Over time foundations can  leak and crack  from hydrostatic pressure, concrete and asphalt will  erode and wood siding and  framing material that are exposed  to moisture can rot. 

We Care About the Details

 TH Contracting installs seamless aluminum 5" k-style  gutters, which are  custom cut to perfectly match your home. Onsite these are  formed from  .032 aluminum gutter coil that has a baked on finish so painting is   never required. Seamless gutters have many advantages over other systems  on the  market: Vinyl are sectional and have a good potential of leaks  at the seams,  limited in color and are not nearly as durable as metal.  Steel from building  centers are durable, sectional (prone to leaks at  the seams) and steel rusts  over time. If you want a system that is  going to stand the test of time  and comes in many colors to match trims  and siding, the choice is clear,  seamless aluminum is the way to  protect one of the most important investments  you have, your home. 

Gutter Protection

 When installing gutters do not forget about gutter protection. We offer a wide selection of  Leaf Guards as well as Waterfall Gutter Guards. More protection, less hastle and a better value!   


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